KFOB-C Remote Control (009204)

KFOB Remote Control

Our KFOB-C Remote Control (Product Code: 009204) is a 4 button remote control capable of both controlling its own Z-Wave network or acting as secondary mobile controller in a Z-Wave network managed by an IP gateway. It can directly control devices using four control channels (association groups) or trigger scenes in the central gateway. The POPP KFOB can control both with standard and enhanced security and therefore supports direct control of door locks etc.

The KFOB has a smooth and robust housing as well as a robust sliding cover which prevents involuntary touches of the buttons. This makes the KFOB an indispensable part of your key ring and companion everywhere at home.


  • As manageable as a key remote control
  • Manages own Z-Wave network or works as secondary controller
  • 4 buttons can be assigned by the user preference freely (as single buttons or button pairs)
  • Controls devices directly or triggers complete predefined scenes
  • Standard and enhanced security
  • Smooth and robust housing
  • Sliding cover prevents involuntary touches of the buttons
  • Optimized energy management for longer battery life
  • Dimensions: 30x55x15 mm
  • Weight: 32 g

Z-Wave Functionality

  • Controls own Z-Wave network
  • Switches connected devices directly without a smart home center (gateway)
  • Works as secondary controller within Z-Wave network (Without gateway as primary controller)



KFOB Remote Control KFOB KFOB Remote Control


Manual POPP KFOB Remote Control

Further product manuals can be found in our download center.